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The world is changing so fast that managing your career needs dedicated work.

Founder CorporatePIE

Our Story

From very young in my career, I noticed that there were two(2) types of people. Some solely depend on their employers reward them and promote them in their career and others who actively plan, map out and execute the ownership of their career.
I fell into the latter and it has been a rewarding experience.

However over the years, the volume of people I mentored within companies grew exponentially. I would find myself repeating the same advice, the same process, the same methodologies. The recipients grew their careers in both title and compensation. This created another problem- referrals.

Understanding that cloning myself is not yet possible, I set out to help as many people as I can by doing the hard work of documenting and coaching using technology to scale the impact.

My ultimate goal is for this platform to become a tool that you can leverage and track your growth over time. A place where you can actively look back at the progress you have made, re-group and press on to higher heights. A place where you meet other like-minded individuals and feel a sense of comraderie to make the journey engaging and fun.

This is my labor of love and I hope you enjoy it.

Much blessings.


Meet Our Lead Instructors

We are deliberately curating the best in each field so you get the benefit of practical experience.

Dr Mark Moyou

Data Scientist

Kandyss Trancoso

Serial Entrepreneur

Number Speaks









What Our Students Have to Say

It's the stuff you don't find in books that did it for me.
Kelvin Black
From Dallas, USA
You assume you know but you have no idea!
Zasha Swan
From Australia
Switching job made it difficult to track my growth over time. Now I have one place with that I own.
Frank Jones
From Japan
There is so much information overload, you don't know what resource or course is a good one. CorporatePIE cut to the chase and gives you the exact steps you need to take.
Jack Brownn
From London, UK